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Employment Practices Liability Labor Law Review

An extremely significant coverage enhancement is the Labor Law Review at no additional cost to you. It provides the type of risk management service that most companies of your size require. Jackson Lewis (a National Law Firm specializing in Labor Law) or one of its affiliated associates will provide the following services:

  1. Review of Written Employment Policies and Procedures-Review and comment regarding your existing written employment policies. Where appropriate, they recommend adopting written policies included in a Risk Management Manual. While not intended to be an in-depth analysis of the your practices, they will make recommendations regarding the adoption, modification, and/or appropriate method for actually implementing these written employment anti-discrimination policies.
  2. *On-Site Training-On-site training session conducted by a Jackson Lewis attorney regarding policies included in the Risk Management Manual. The purpose of the session will be to educate management representatives responsible for implementing a training program respecting polices described in the Manual.
  3. Jackson Lewis Publications-A bi-monthly bulletin, Preventive Strategies for Employers, providing analysis and commentary on judicial, legislative and political developments impacting Insureds. Several of their regional offices also publish quarterly updates on local regulations. This service is part of their commitment to keep clients informed of issues affecting their operations-all with a view to the prevention of claims and costly litigation.
  4. Jackson Lewis “Hotline” Services-You will be entitled to one-half hour consultation pertaining to general issues respecting employment discrimination laws described in the Manual. Issues requiring research or investigation would, of course, be beyond the scope of this arrangement. In such cases, you can engage Jackson Lewis at their customary rates to research, investigate or take any other appropriate action.