Products Liability and recall

Products liability and recall insurance covers expenses that result from having to recall a product from the market.

This coverage is ideal for manufacturers, distributors and certain types of retailers. Businesses can find peace of mind knowing they are protected against the costs associated with customer notification, shipping and product disposal.

Why Products Liability & Recall Insurance is Important

To cover costs associated with the recalls of consumer products, consumer goods or component parts due to:

  • product tampering;
  • human error;
  • poor manufacturing, design or packaging and
  • any increases in usage of the global supply chain.

Common Products Liability & Recall Coverage Topics:

1: Offer to review the vendor agreement.
2: Understand any supply chain management processes.
3: Offer carrier or internal safety solutions.
4: Avoid generic sales pitches.
5: Prepare to read a financial statement and calculate a ROI.
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