Architects / Engineers P&L Insurance

Architects/engineers professional liability insurance protects professionals from a wide variety of claims from allegations of faulty design, to regulatory issues, true errors or omissions.

Our team meets with carriers and underwriters on a monthly basis to stay up to date on the developing trends in the marketplace for structural, electrical, mechanical and civil engineers, design professionals, general contractors and all other professions requiring a licensed engineer or architect.

Why Architects/Engineers P&L is Important

If and when a professional or business:

  • makes errors in dealing with paperwork, formulas or payment provisions;
  • makes errors due to not informing personnel about design changes;
  • fails to meet deadlines;
  • fails to reconcile documents when deals change; or
  • does not disclose all facts, costs and terms.

Common Real Estate P&L Coverage Topics:

1: Provide training to qualified staff.
2: Establish written account-handling procedures.
3: Make sure coverage satisfies contract requirements.
4: Provide education about the effects of social inflation and court judgements on pricing.
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