Medical Malpractice Liability Insurance

Medical malpractice liability insurance covers doctors and other medical workers against liability claims resulting from their treatment of patients.
This type of coverage is crucial for both medical establishments and professionals from hospitals, long-term care facilities, surgical centers and medical spas, to surgeons, physicians, dentists and more.

Why Medical Malpractice Liability Insurance is Important

If and when a medical professional or establishment:

  • makes an error in treatment;
  • commits malpractice;
  • fails to treat a patient;
  • fails/delays diagnosing a patient or delivers a misdiagnosis;
  • commits negligence while treating a patient.

Common Medical Malpractice Coverage Topics:

1: Offer to review samples contracts, agreements and purchase orders to look for exposures.
2: Provide a risk and insurance review.
3: Consider becoming active in applicable associations or influence groups.
4: Offer to speak at meetings and conventions.
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