Miscellaneous Professional Liability Insurance

Miscellaneous professional liability (MPL) insurance provides coverage for errors or omissions that arise during the performance and delivery of professional services.
Whether it’s a breach of contract, fraud, malpractice or simply being misunderstood, it’s important for businesses to understand the potentials for exposure. Business insurance doesn’t always cover professional liability claims where MPL insurance offers comprehensive protection to a wide range of professionals such as construction managers, travel agents, claim adjusters, business consultants, third-party administrators and more.

Why MPL Insurance is Important

If and when a business:

  • fails to disclose or respond;
  • has a conflict of interest;
  • engages in fraudulent actions;
  • omits critical information;
  • commits true errors; and/or
  • struggles with regulatory or notification issues.

Common MPL Coverage Topics:

1: Offer to review sample contracts, agreements, purchase orders and potential exposures.
2: Provide a risk and insurance review.
3: Develop talking points about various topics, including contractual issues, resource management, total quality management processes and possible claims/outcomes.
4: Provide a tailored definition of professional services by individually crafting policies to cover the specific services being offered.
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