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Architects & Engineers

Truly understanding the complexities of Architects & Engineers Professional Liability takes a dedicated professional.  The reason you are coming to us, is for our expertise.  The reasons we are considered leaders in the A&E marketplace, is due to our extensive knowledge of products as well as the rapport we’ve built with select carrier partners.  Our vast experience allows the Underwriters to trust us and our instincts. This level of trust allows Underwriters to offer enhancements to ECC that may not be available with other carriers or even other brokers.  Our team meets with carriers and Underwriters on a monthly basis to see developing trends in the marketplace for Structural Engineers, Design Professionals, Electrical Engineers, General contractors, and all professions requiring a licensed Engineer or Architect.

A&E Professional Liability can also go by the term, A&E E&O.  Confusing, but accurate.  Claims may include allegations of faulty design, regulatory issues, or even a true error or omission.

The A&E team at ECC can create the coverage your client needs.  A host of “A” rated carriers with extensive experience in the A&E industry, await your submission.  Let ECC present an informed argument to them on your behalf.