Executive Liability

Taking risks is a fundamental part of making difficult management decisions and building valuable business relationships.
Without risk there is little gain, but taking chances also creates vulnerability. Securing executive liability coverage for your clients is a crucial step in providing individual and corporate balance sheet protection. We will guide you through the process by helping to answer tough questions, keeping you up to date on industry trends and be your claims advocate when it matters most.

Personalized Coverage

Coverage isn’t one size fits all  an off the shelf policy isn’t what your insured is looking for. We work closely with our carrier partners, leveraging 20+ year relationships, to craft proprietary coverage enhancements and design an Executive Liability program personalized to your client.

Expert Knowledge and Support

Staying up to date on the ins and outs of every specialty line is challenging. Save time and brain power by letting us find your client the best coverage at the most competitive price.

Coverage Analysis

Every risk is viewed using a 360-degree perspective. Stop worrying if a policy endorsement is granting coverage or if it’s really a set of exclusions in disguise. We spell it out.

Comprehensive Market Coverage

Coverage enhancements and exclusions are highlighted in every quote. Thanks to our strong industry relationships, we hand select carriers that consider your client a preferred risk.

Constant Communication

Our team goes to work for you the moment contact is made and offers same-day turnaround when it’s needed.