Real Estate PL Insurance

Real estate professionals are a vital link between property buyers and sellers, but can find themselves the focus of an unwanted lawsuit when things go wrong.

Real estate professional liability (PL) insurance protects real estate agents from a wide variety of claims, as well as unexpected network and security exposure. Coverage is available for both small and large professional real estate firms, and agents performing residential, commercial, leasing and incidental property management transactions.

Why Real Estate PL is Important

If and when a professional or business:

  • makes errors in dealing with paperwork, formulas or payment provisions;
  • fails to reconcile documents when deals change;
  • neglects to identify all the parties or investors;
  • wrongfully discriminates against a client;
  • does not disclose all facts, costs and terms; or
  • fails to provide real estate tax payments in a lease or deal.

Common Real Estate PL Coverage Topics:

1: Inquire about the biggest challenges facing your customer’s organization.
2: Keep accurate records of all client interactions and transactions.
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