Lawyer / Accountant Liability

Lawyer/accountant liability insurance is designed to protect in instances where one simple mistake can cause financial devastation or end a professional career.
Don’t let potential clients get caught up in the misconception that professional exposure and loss don’t exist, or that the firm will handle issues internally. Instead, help secure liability coverage that meets the ever-changing needs of your agents and their customers.

Why Lawyer/Accountant Liability Insurance is Important

If and when a professional or business:

  • misrepresents the client;
  • misfiles or delays paperwork;
  • has errors in professional judgement;
  • conducts an inadequate discussion/investigation;
  • commits fraud or fails to obtain client consent;
  • is accused of conflicts of interest;
  • commits a violation of good faith;
  • makes accounting or data entry errors; and/or
  • fails to meet deadlines.

Common Lawyer/Accountant Coverage Topics:

1: Meet with the firm’s administrator.
2: Communicate the downsides of a lawyer defending themselves against a liability claim.
3: Consider becoming active in applicable associations or influence groups.
4: Offer to bridge the gap between certain clients and the attorney.

5: Develop practices for risk management.

6: Tailor coverage based on the specific needs of the insured.

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